Carlos Sainz has said that the fight for P3 against McLaren in the 2021 Formula 1 constructors’ championship does not concern Ferrari that much.

The Scuderia is currently tied with McLaren on points. The team currently sits third in the standings.

“That battle is still on, and it’s always going to be on until the end of the season,” Sainz said, as quoted by “We are very close in performance but as a team, we have higher priorities than beating McLaren to third in the constructors. I think we want to keep improving us as a team.”

Ferrari is due to introduce an upgrade to its power unit in the second half of the season. Sainz, however, said that the focus is not this year’s competition.

“We want to keep building this team to try and be as professional and as good, as complete, as we can,” Sainz continued.

“You know, if the opportunity becomes next year to go and win the title, we are ready for it.

“So first comes the improvements as a team, and then really the other ones should fall as a consequence.

“We are not really obsessed with the fight [with McLaren] and we are focused fully on trying to improve, on trying to be the best team that we can leave before the end of the season.”

The second half of the 2021 season begins next weekend in Belgium.