George Russell has shared his prediction for Formula 1’s 2022 season. He claimed that Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari will continue leading the championship.

Previously F1 announced some changes for the next season. Among the many changes is that the cars will be designed around ground-effect aerodynamic. They will be heavier and have wider tyres. Russell dubbed these changes as new opportunities for many teams

“Sport is about talent,” he explained to Auto Motor und Sport, “the talent of the driver, the engineers, the designer.

“We have seen in the past that teams had huge budgets but made nothing of them.

“I would say the team with the most talent, the greatest motivation, and the greatest fire will be on top.

“But if a change in regulations turns out to be so blatant, who knows? We saw it in 2009 and 2014. Everything can change.

“But Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari will be in the top five.”

Russell is currently waiting for Mercedes boss Toto Wolff’s decision on whether he will replace Valtteri Bottas as seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton’s teammate for the 2022 season.