Andretti Lashes Out At Greedy F1 Team Owners

Andretti Autosport’s attempts to enter Formula One by teaming up with Cadillac have been met with a cold reception from the world of F1. Andretti, in an interview with Forbes, has lashed out at the “greedy” F1 team owners, suggesting that they are not looking at the bigger picture and are only interested in protecting their own interests.

“It’s all about money,” Andretti said. “First, they think they are going to get diluted one-tenth of their prize money. But they also get very greedy thinking we will take all the American sponsors as well.”

He added that F1 team owners are only looking out for themselves and not considering what is best for the overall growth of the series. “It’s all about greed and looking at themselves and not looking at what is best for the overall growth of the series,” he said.

Andretti also contrasted the positions held by F1 and the FIA, suggesting that F1 team owners are only concerned with their own interests, while the FIA is looking out for the future of the sport.

“That is the difference between President Mohammad’s position and the team owner’s position,” he said. “In Formula One, the owners look out for themselves; not what is best for the series.”

Andretti praised FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem for his vision and understanding of the need for more teams in Formula One. “President Mohammad is looking out for the future of the sport,” he said. “Mohammad gets it. He’s a racer and he understands the series needs to have one or two more teams.”

Andretti’s comments come after reports surfaced that F1 teams were opposed to Andretti Autosport’s bid to enter the sport. According to the reports, F1 teams were concerned about the dilution of prize money and the potential loss of American sponsors.

Despite the opposition, Andretti remains optimistic about his chances of entering Formula One. He believes that there is a place for his team in the sport and that his experience in IndyCar will help him succeed in F1.

“I think there is a place for Andretti Autosport in Formula One,” he said. “We have a lot of experience in IndyCar, and I think we can use that experience to be successful in Formula One.”

While Andretti’s bid to enter F1 may face opposition, his comments have shone a light on the concerns and issues facing the sport. It remains to be seen how the sport will respond to these concerns and whether Andretti Autosport will be able to make a successful entry into the world of F1.


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